Julian marquise brown

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Want to turn your party up and make it extra exciting for all of your guests? 

Then you have to book MC Juju for your next event!  


As one of the most talented and entertaining MC's that the island of Oahu has to offer, Julian Brown will take your party to the next level!  Julian possesses a natural talent for interacting with any crowd that will help encourage your guests to lose themselves on the dance floor.  He utilizes his impressive dance moves and choreography numbers to show your guests exactly how to have a good time.  Combine that with his animated personality on the microphone and his quick wit, you're sure to have the time of your life when MC Juju is the master of ceremonies of your next celebration.  

Since he was a young boy, Julian knew he was meant to rock the mic and become an MC.  He started off early in his childhood by hosting school functions in front of hundreds of his classmates, pumping up his fellow students for rallies and sporting events on a regular basis.  It wasn't long until his special talent was discovered and he was asked to work alongside numerous DJ companies and night clubs around the island.  Since then he has been the voice of hundreds of special events, including weddings, birthday parties, huge sporting functions, and even at the local carnival.  He's left quite an impression on the guests who have seen him perform and is always asked to return for future events!  



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