DJ Neekz
Dominic Souza-Larimore

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One of the most common and frequent compliments that DJ Neekz receives is how easy he is to work with.  He's very quick to respond to every inquiry you send his way, usually within a days time.  Right away you feel comfortable talking to him as he possesses a friendly personality and always seems to be smiling and being optimistic about everything.  He's knowledgeable and informative about what you need to know about booking the entertainment for your event.  He takes out the guess work for you so that you can feel at ease, relax, and enjoy your special day.  When unforeseen obstacles pop up, DJ Neekz is quick to find a solution to the problem, take care of the issue behind the scenes, and carry on as if nothing ever happened in the first place.  It's clear to see that Dominic takes pride in his work and is dedicated to his craft of DJ'ing.  


2010 - Present

A life long love for music and creating the perfect playlists for his family and friends would eventually come to fruition in 2011 when Dominic discovered DJ'ing at a house party.  After a few years of learning, practicing, and perfecting his craft by playing out at various bars, clubs, and mobile events around the island of O'ahu, DJ Neekz decided it was time to open up his own DJ and entertainment business in 2014.  Inspired by the dreams and hopes of creating the optimal party experience for his clients, he has successfully brought those ideas to life with his energetic music mixing, entrancing light shows, and using his upbeat personality to create an all around vibrant party atmosphere.  It didn't take long for DJ Neekz to establish himself as one of the top mobile DJ companies on the island and is now one of the most sought out event DJ's in Hawaii.  On top of mobile events, Dominic has also become the resident DJ for the popular downtown club "Next Door" for Hi-Light Fridays, his other passion project. It's easy to see that throwing parties and mixing music is what DJ Neekz was born to do.  



Your party is all about you!

As your DJ, Dominic will not only provide you with quality music that will suit your special event, he will also provide you with an experience that will bring your event to life.  Whether that should be a party that is chic and elegant, or a party that is energetic and upbeat - DJ Neekz can provide that vision for you and make it a reality.  Dominic will work closely and diligently with you throughout the planning stages to ensure that the visions and goals of your party are achieved.     


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